About NRT

NRT refers to The New Regression Therapy, a healing regression technique by Greg McHugh, CCHt.  

A very brief description would be that it combines classic regression technique with the principles of Gestalt therapy, emphasizes kinesthetic awareness, and brings spiritual or Higher Resources directly into the therapeutic setting for healing.

An NRT session goes to the origins of problems as they are played out in our lives—be it in relationships, in physical symptoms, in psychological distress—unfolding the pattern over the course of a session or sessions, and bringing healing to those crucial moments. 

NRT works to go quickly to the feelings and beliefs which are often associated with trauma, and which continue in patterns that don’t work for us now. We may have set up these ways of being as a result of one or many events, in this life, in childhood, in past lives, or any combination.

When it is needed, an NRT session also provides a safe and healing place for the recognition and release of drains on our emotional energy fields, whether they appear as spirits, dark ones, or other forms of negativity.

With its emphasis on staying in the moment and being aware of physical sensations, as well as its particular manner of bringing in healing in regression, NRT is different from psychodynamic and other cognitive-type therapies where conscious understanding is considered key.  

NRT sessions with Dr. Sheila Judge can also serve as a very helpful addition to one’s ongoing personal therapy—when things seem “stuck” in treatment or when there has been a great deal of trauma or when there are physical symptoms that seem to have no reason for appearing, to cite just a few situations. 

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