Sheila Judge

Sheila Judge, MD is a board-certified physician and psychiatrist and a graduate analyst, with over thirty years’ experience in adult and adolescent psychiatry and psychoanalysis. She holds degrees from Pitt and Columbia in English literature and art, and is a Penn State Master Gardener. 

Dr. Judge is also actively engaged in teaching and mentoring, is currently on the faculty of the Psychoanalytic Center of Philadelphia, and has taught on the faculties of the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and Albert Einstein Medical Center Department of Psychiatry. Her more recent national presentations have been in the field of social psychiatry—social trauma, childhood poverty, and ending prejudice and war.  

Sheila Judge, MD | New Regression Therapist

Some years ago she began her explorations of alternative medicine and healing, culminating in studying New Regression Therapy with Greg McHugh. Dr. Judge is the editor of the newly-published edition of The New Regression Therapy: Healing the Wounds and Trauma of This Life and Past Lives With the Presence and the Light of the Divine by Greg McHugh, CCHt, Second Edition (2017). Although she continues to work and teach in other psychiatric settings, her private practice is now devoted to healing with NRT.